Happy Anniversary to Moi!

Well people, if you haven't kept track, today is my four year bloggin' anniversary. Woot woot! Who knew that my first post about DIY sticky tiles would lead me into this magical word of lifestyle bloggin?!

In order to celebrate this most momentous milestone, I leave you with some of my four favorite lists. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

4 Favorite Posts

When my man and I made a movie!
That wicked cool All Hallows Party! 
Oh dad.
Love this guy.

4 Favorite Bloggers

Young House Love
I think it's safe to say that this was the first blog I started following on the regular and was the inspiration for me to start my own. This fam knows how to DIY and BLOG - so much so that they now just blog full time for a living. How cool is that? Check 'em out if you like witty home improvement blogs!

Nat the Fat Rat
I've always enjoyed this gal's writing more than anything else. We don't have a ton in common (she's a hip, urban mom living in NYC), but I appreciate her candid stories and moody photos.

Bower Power
I found this blog through Young House Love and have followed it pretty closely ever since. The gal that writes this is a hoot and talks about everything from DIY home improvement to life in general.

Thug Kitchen
I don't know how I found this blog, but it seriously makes me laugh every single time! And the recipes aren't half bad :-)