I love you for all that you are,
All you have been,
And all that you are yet to be.

So the BF and I have been dating for 7 years, yes, that's 7 years people! Not 7 months, not 7 weeks, 7 YEARS. Though if I think back on our time together, it really doesn't feel that long - I take that as a sign that we were meant to be :-) Last Saturday evening, he sweetly got down on one knee after dinner on Alki Beach and asked me to marry him with THE MOST gorg ring. Swoon. I must say, I'm the Queen of Patience, but he was worth the wait. (and of course, I said yes! among lots of tears....)

We began dating after he graduated from college. He was a bit wary of me at first, but I was relentless and soon we were exclusive. We spend a good part of our mid and late twenties together - him eventually starting his own business, me buying a condo, a scary/mysterious dog illness, trips to Mexico, trips to Panama, Sonics games, endless concerts, most recently buying a new home in many lovely, lovely memories with this man.

He's the smartest, handsomest, most hardworking and passionate person I know. Did I also mention that he grows the most redonk beard in the 206 area code? Men are seriously jealous of his facial hair! I am beyond exciting to share this next chapter with him- celebrating our love, making new memories and one day building a family together. 

Stay tuned for our fall 2014 wedding here in good ole Seatown!