Common Pacific Northwest garden pests and diseases

  Our garden is good from afar, but far from good! Trying to keep it real here folks. Yes, I work my butt off to try and keep things tidy in the garden but time and time again, I've been shown that no matter what I do, the garden gods will do as they please. And as they please means disease, pests, seeds that don't name it, I've witnessed it. I try and not take it too personally, but man, it can be a bummer sometimes! Here are the few issues I've been dealing with as of late:

Top left: Oh that weird plant? That's actually a green bean start that has been demolished by pests. Not sure which ones, but they sure love my green beans!$%^&*

Top right: That beaut is a spinach plant going to seed. So much for salad greens! Missed that boat. 

Bottom left: Ugh! My poor raspberries. That's rust, a fungal disease that IS NOT GOOD FOR BUSINESS. I've given up for this year, but have a plan of attack for next. 

Bottom right: Ahhh, yes. Weeds! The never ending battle.