So this happened.

I'm baaaacccckk! Did you miss me and all of my silly garden talk? Hell, I missed sharing it :-) Hoping to get a post or two up in the next few days! I know you all are just DYING to know how my peas are doing or how my first attempt at potatoes is working out so far.

Threw a lil event last Thursday - the annual Community of Caring Luncheon for JFS - that had been taking up a lot of my time. You know, just 1,150 of our closest peeps getting together and giving uber generously to help support our agency and the clients we serve. I spend about half the year fully focused on this event and all of that hard work comes and goes in 90 minutes. It's kind of sad really. You bust your ass, stress out over every last guest name, put it all together then bam, it's over.

I must admit, I go through a mild funk afterwards. But give me a week and it'll be business as usual again. Good thing I've got a summer full of gardening and camping to look forward to - oh and that tiny trip to Europe. Woot!

Centerpieces looking fresh!
1,150 of our closest friends, family and supporters.
Breaking last year's record like it ain't no thang.
One hour's like nothing happened. Sigh.

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