Wedding 5

Within Sodo - Seattle wedding venue
Oh man, weddings go by SO fast. I wish I could have had four more hours of this stuff! I didn't get to chat with nearly enough people, stuff my face with that dessert bar, nor dance to enough songs. Sigh. What I would give to experience it all over again...though not that whole planning part! Forget that. What a pain in the ass that was. Whoever enjoys wedding planning must be on one. Eesh. 

The speeches were short, sweet and sassy. The cake was not only gorgeous but tasted delish. And the dancing was off the chain. The night ended with the song "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers and a soul train appeared out of nowhere. It was utterly magical and the perfect way to end the official party. Mind you the after party went on until 4am #shlomo! Who do you think we are ;-)?

OK, one last post coming up! The wedding video!!!

Paper crane wedding cake