Wedding 4.

Within Sodo - Seattle wedding venueWe got married at Within Sodo, this cool event space in South Seattle. It was actually the only one we saw in person. I had my eye on the Georgetown Ballroom, but it had an exclusive caterer - boo to that right there. We were utilizing a family friend that's a local caterer and needed to find a space that would allow us to bring in whomever we wanted. Within is one of the few places in town that allows any caterer in their space. Love it.

The space is really a blank canvas, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good because you can make it what you want. Bad because making it what you want requires a ton of rentals and rentals equal $$$. I about fainted from seeing the rental bill. Yikes.
Ketubah signing - Seattle wedding
Ketubah signing - Seattle wedding
We had a reform Jewish wedding ceremony so we signed a ketubah prior to it, which I enjoyed more than I thought! Our ceremony was not one of those 5 minute quickies you see these days and we incorporated many traditions into it including circling, wine drinking and of course, the stomping of the glass. As much as I fought it at first, I really loved how it all came out in the end. It was a super meaningful and special ceremony to us!
Chuppah - Seattle wedding