Hi crazy pretty sunrise!
Watching: The Bachelor. I know, I know. It's horrible. But Farmer Chris? Come on! He deserves to find love! Oh, and finally getting into the Netflix Marco Polo series. It was slow to start, but now I'm digging it. To think of the $$$ they dropped in making this....phew!

Loving: Fitmob, this new fitness membership that allows you access to all sorts of workout classes around town. I'm a total class whore, so being able to bounce around from yoga studio to barre class to spinning is a win for me! Gyms are notoriously pricey in Seattle so $99/mo. ain't bad if you ask me. 

Listening to: KEXP. I can't work in dead silence so I usually have this live streaming at my desk. I'm a proud amplified member and can't wait for their new studio to open down near Key Arena and Seattle Center. 

Doing: Work son! These past few months have been filled with mostly personal time so it's back to the professional work grind. It'll be hard to get back into full weeks of work, but it's time. I've got a million dollars to raise by April 30. No pressure. 

Reading: Rick Steves Eastern Europe Guidebook. Woot! I've realized that I need something "big" to look forward to every year (see below.) So what's better than knocking off a lil bucket list action? Adam and I have both dreamed of taking a few weeks off to travel Europe and now, it is time. We're planning on going in the fall of this year. I've planned some pretty epic trips, but this one is going to be the biggest and baddest. I'm a bit overwhelmed just thinking about it.

2014: wedding!
2013: new house and engagement!
2012: Tulum, Mexico and Austin, Texas vacations
2011: new job!
2010: new condo!, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and Panama vacations

Eating: Anything I want, which is bad after being so good pre-wedding. I gave myself free reign for the holidays but need to get back on track. The track with more veggies and salads and less cookies. I contemplated the whole Whole30 thang, but that seems like a lot of work right now. 

Thinking about: As always, my garden. It's an obsession people, I'm sorry. I'm scheduled to go and pick out some fruit trees at a nursery in Puyallup in a couple of weeks and I'm STOKED. Garden nerd alert. I'm also working on setting up some sort of netting system to keep the birds away from my starts. My haphazard system was OK last year, but I'd like something more permanent and easy to work around. 

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