The Forest Folks.

I recently volunteered with the Beacon Food Forest as part of the planning committee of their Opening Celebration. As an event planner, I like to continue to hone my skills and learn new things. It's easy to get into the same route again and again when working for a single organization - gotta mix things up now and again!

I thought this organization might be a good fit because 1) it's right in our neighborhood 2) it centers around food and community and 3) it's a grassroots movement, which I dig.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into - no real meeting notes or agendas, tons of ideas but unclear follow through, making things more difficult that they really need to be - basically a planner's nightmare. BUT the folks who were are part of this were so welcoming, friendly and funny that I pushed aside my uber organization skills and went with the flow.

We ended up with a really warm, funky event and I was really pleased to see it do so well. Music jammed throughout the afternoon, kids painted rocks for the garden, educational tours showcased the forest.....all under a sunny Seattle sky!

Of course, there were a few things that I would have done differently, but hey, such is life! If you are ever in North Beacon Hill, be sure to stop by the BFF and take a self guided tour. Cool things are happening there!

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