Bacherlorette Bash!

The view from our killer house!
Riverbed shot!
Walking the promenade (more like a trail)
My lovely outfit for the celebration :-)
Such good sports!
All in!
Sisters! Don't ask me how we go her to wear that redonk wig thing!
Hay chicken dance!
A 30 min. wait.
Meat the size of yer head.
You guys...I was spoiled filthy rotten on my bachelorette party weekend. I can't thank my gal pals enough! It was too much! We spent a long weekend across ye ole pass in Leavenworth, Wash. I've passed through this quaint town many times on my way to camping in Eastern Washington but never had taken the time to really explore it. And I mean, exploring it during the month of October seemed like a good idea too - hello Octoberfest!!!

The gals snagged a bomb house on the eastside of town and we bellied up to a weekend of trinket shops, beer and funny outfits. Man, just the people watching alone was grand! We spent our leisure time scouring the shops, hot tubing, eating at some surprisingly nice restaurants and taking in the sights of the festival. The Chicken Dance? Check. Long line for beer that you can't even pronounce? Check. Hilarious hats? Check. Large pieces of meat? Check. Overall, a very entertaining time!

A big thanks to my ladies for making this happen! Love you gals!

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