Watching: The Bachelorette. Yes, my friends, I still watch reality TV. I'm not ALWAYS into this show. It just depends on who it is and how fun/hot the contestants are. This season has been decent enough for me to devote the 2 hours a week to it. I want Josh to win, but I suspect she'll pick Nick, whose a total creeper IMO. Though if I really had my way, it would have been Chris. Poor guy.

Loving: Plucking things from the garden that go right into dinner! So that's how that "farm-to-table" stuff works!? We've been regularly eating salads with lettuce from the yard along with peas and carrots that only need a minute of two of sauteing in butter before they are done. I even made a lasagna using zucchini straight from the yard and our smoothies now have spinach grown by yours truly. So freaking cool! 

Listening to: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Some times, after a long day of being on the phone, listening to my co-workers in meetings and just city noises in general, I just need peace and quiet. I find that shutting off the radio on the way home from work calms me down and gets me out of that constant "gotta rush" feeling. I've even stopped listening to music whilst working out. I'm weird/old, I know.

Doing: Wedding-related stuff. All of a sudden I blinked and we're 4 months out from the wedding. How did this happen? It's been a mad rush lately - tux rentals, wedding ring shopping, invite purchasing and printing....the list is starting to pile up quicker than I'd hope. You'd think a professional like myself would have her act together a bit more :-/

Reading: Marijuana Nation by Roger Roffman. The fiance had it sitting around so I picked it up recently. I'm not uber picky with my book topics; they just need to be well written and semi-interesting. With all of the happenings here in Washington State, it's cool to read about this guy's personal history with Mary Jane and his expertise leading back to his time in Vietnam. 

Eating: Fruit, glorious, juicy fruit. I love this time of year when local cherries are in, blueberries are in abundance and peaches and nectarines are just hitting the farmer's market. Bring on the pies!

Thinking about: What to get ma boo for his upcoming 31st bday. I pride myself in being an excellent gift giver so this gal needs to put her brain to work! I like giving things that are both useful/practical but have personal meaning behind them. After almost 8 years of dating, you'd think this would be easy for me....sigh.

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