Gosh, what a difference 4 months and a lil love makes! And to think that I wasn't sure if I could fill the entire space...sheesh. I've learned many a lesson thus far and I still have a good part of the growing season left.

Things I've learned lately:
I'm hoping to get both a pear and apple tree planted this fall along the fence line. I dearly miss having fresh apples like we did back in the day. Nothing was better than those tart apples from the yard! And once those trees get a bit bigger, they will give us a bit of extra privacy from the neighbors.

I'd also like to try my hand at a winter garden but this year isn't the year my friends. With a wedding quickly looming, I know I'm just not going to have the bandwidth for that. BUT, I've been reading up on it and will be fully educated and ready to go come the summer of 2015.

How's your summer gardening coming along??

Early March of 2014
Mid-July of 2014