Nothing says legit like razor clam sandwiches.
It's been a few weeks since our trip to the coast but I thought I would share this little story with you - about my mild obsession with, well, a greasy spoon in the little town of Aberdeen, WA.
This weird little restaurant has a little piece of my heart peeps - Duffy's. Sigh. It was the meeting place of all of the Heuer/Sugiura family members as we made our annual February trek to Quinault Lodge. As my family pulled into the parking lot, I recalled always scanning around for my grandparents truck. More often than not, they'd beaten us there by a mile and were inside enjoying the clam chowder and wild blackberry pie, which is to die for I might add.
We'd then take off and drive another 45 minutes to the lodge where we spent a week of childhood bliss splashing in the pool, playing ping pong in the game room, begging grandma for chex mix and Coca Cola and walking the trails of the PNW rain forest. It was always pouring down rain or doing that misting thing that our state does so well which was fine by me. The lodge had tons of old chairs and couches and a GIANT fireplace that was stoked with 5 foot logs. The fam would play board games and the card game Hearts all evening long, drinks in hand (for the people of age). Some of my best childhood memories came from these trips.
Sadly, Duffy's is also the place where I last saw my grandpa before he died. I'll never forget that day.....how he was laid up in the truck, not able to head inside for his favorite slice of pie. I knew something wasn't right that day. He passed away later that week from pneumonia at the local hospital. Who knew that the parking lot Duffy's would be the last time I'd see him?  
So whenever I'm passing through Aberdeen, a stop at Duffy's is always on the list. Their food might not be the best but the memories it holds for me are pretty darn special.