Beauty consult.

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The goods.
I recently had a bad experience at the MAC makeup counter at the downtown Seattle Nordy's. I've always considered myself a MAC girl, but after them forgetting about my appointment AND ignoring me for the first 20 minutes I was sitting there, I figured it was time to spread my wings and try other beauty products. Sorry MAC, it's been real.

In steps a Nordstrom beauty consultant, which I guess have been around for a while now? My bad. They've recently added a booking system that had caught my eye online so I made an appointment and met up with Cory a few days later.

I decided to focus on one area for this appointment and chose foundation. Mine had been looking a bit too pink-ish lately and I was ready to try something new. We cleaned off my face and he prepped my skin with some uber amazing (and expensive!) products. I think skin care is important, but not $100 per bottle important if you catch my drift. I kept my focus and we moved on to the foundation hunt.

We ended up with a Trish McEvoy product as the big winner! I must admit, I'd never heard of this product line before but their Beauty Balm was it. The foundation leveled out the redness in my face without feeling caked on. Granted, the price tag was a bit steep ($85 - eeek!) but I'm totally loving this product after a week's use. And hey, if it lasts 5 or 6 months, then that's really not bad when you think about it. I can talk myself into any purchase really :-) I also purchased a NARS translucent powder and a YSL clear lip gloss that was probably not needed but really polished off the look.

A little blush and bronzer touch ups, a few eyeshadow suggestions and this gal was just about done! I was extremely happy with the results though I may have went over my makeup budget a bit. But it was really great to have someone who knew all of the products on the floor and could pull them as he saw fit. I'm definitely going with a Nordstrom Beauty consultant from here on out!