B & W

I had all of these hopes and dreams while at the beach that I would magically take some killer black and white photos that would someday grace our entryway. I don't know what I was thinking because 1) I've never taken a photography class and 2) I'm extremely amature with my skill set. Nonetheless, I borrowed my aunt's fancy camera and off I went on my photographic journey.

I'd had my eye on a few professional photos on Etsy and though, heck, I can reproduce something like that myself and save me a few bucks. Um, yeah. Not quite. First off, it was like minus ten degrees with the wind blowing. My hands were frozen after a few minutes. Secondly, there were no cool logs in site. I really wanted driftwood, piles and piles of cool looking driftwood and there were none to be found. And thirdly, the camera kept sucking batteries. Ugh.

I couldn't capture the moodiness that I was seeking. Though the first one below is MAYBE 30% of the way there..... And let's just say the boys weren't thrilled with my yelling to pull over ever time a scenic spot flashed by my car window. I'm not feeling uber moved to frame any of these, but thought I would share them nonetheless. Sigh. Next time.......