Watching: I just finished a maj binge of Scandal on Netflix. The first few episodes didn't really thrill me - usually those sorts of political dramas don't get me - but I stayed focused and OMG I'm glad I did because it's SO good! I must admit that Kerry Washington's facial expressions bug me sometimes, but other than that it's def worth watching!

Loving: My Cougar booties. I bought these bad boys about a month ago and I swear I probably wear them 5 times a week. They are comfortable, water proof and go with pretty much everything. Not to mention they are a reasonable $100 bucks. I might have to buy the taupe/grey pair. Oh wait, I just did :-)

Listening to: Potential wedding music. I can't listen to the radio without thinking if a song should be on our list. I should probably start writing things down. Music is VERY important to the fiance so I know that we'll be scouring hours upon hours of music to create the perfect musical ambiance.

Doing: Oh gosh, what am I not doing these days? Work is picking up steam and from now until mid-May I'm going to be a busy gal! I'm planning my spring garden, finally decorating our living room, trying to schedule a dog teeth cleaning, growing out my hair, attempting to get my butt in know, the usual beginning of the year tasks :-)

Reading: Nothing right now. Womp, womp. I need to get back into my ebook loans from the library one of these days....

Eating: I'm back on the Weight Watchers train so eating has become a bit less fun these days. Fruit and veggies are topping the list and pizza with extra cheese and cookies are moving towards the bottom. This gal had a little too much over the holidays so it's time to reign in back in. We booked our engagement photo shoot for early March so I've got a mini goal in sight!

Thinking about: What to get my parents for their birthdays at the end of the month. It's hard to think of another gift right after the holidays people! I'd like to get them something small then take them on some sort of Seattle adventure that includes seeing/doing something new and perhaps trying a new restaurant. Open to any and all suggestions!

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