The final product!

I thought I would share one of my recent sewing projects that ended up being a holiday gift for my sister's cat, Tuna. I know, I know....presents for cats......we're a strange family around here.

I used the same technique as I did for Stella's quilt, which I made a few months back. I simply picked a few fabrics I liked, the main one being these cartoon sharks, cut them into different sized strips, sewed 'em together, batted the back, quilted a bit, then finished it off with self-binding edges. It's really so simple :-)

Things I learned with this project:

When using a fun patterned fabric, be sure to give yourself additional fabric for seam allowances - I lost a few sharks that way because I forgot to calculate the actual sewing part. My bad.

When piecing this bad boy together, I laid out the strips in the order I want them to be then sewed the first and second ones together, third and forth together, and so on. Once those were paired up, I went back and pair them up again...and again....until they were all sewed together. This method helps keep your sewing lines straight and your fabric from going wonky. I found this blog to be helpful!

The top layer is done!

Always a fan of pressing the seams.

Pin it up, quilt it out.