Not sure how many of you follow the  lottery that often, but recently it was a whopper of a jackpot, somewhere between $648 million give or take for Mega Millions. I don't usually play, but always find myself wrapped up in the excitement of an unusually large jackpot, which is statistically like the worst time to play. Womp, womp.

I put $5 on it at my local Red Apple and of course, I happened to get interviewed by a local news channel. Thank god they didn't use my interview footage, I was a babbling mess and unshowered in my sweat pants nach. But I did get a lil swiping the card cameo - see the video above courtesy of my Aunt Susan!

But it got me thinking....what would I do if I happened to win $1 million? Now mind you this million would be what you bank after taxes and such :-) Here's my breakdown:

$500 to start my own urban duck/chicken coop

$1,000 to rescue 2 new pound puppies (sorry Stella.)

$2,000 pay off my student loan debt

$3,500 shopping spree

$15,000 on a big family and friends vacation house rental some place tropical - they'd have to pay their own airfare though! Hey, I'm spendy, but not THAT spendy. This one in Tulum, Mexico just might fit the bill....

$20,000 on a new used car that's maybe 1 or 2 years old

$25,000 to partially fund a project the fiance is working on that I approve of. Hey, if that happens to be a doc on my dog, then so be it!

$33,000 on a party barge - duh!

$50,000 to a charity of my liking, most likely involving animals

$200,000 on a local vacation property on a lake in Eastern Washington with a dock for above said party barge

$650,000 on a new home in North Beacon or maybe the Mt. Baker neighborhood. I would keep our current house and rent it out.

Man, that goes fast!

How would you spend a cool million if you happened across it?