Shutterfly fun.

The front cover and all of it's glory!
Oh man, I was so excited to get this in the mail last week! Hello beautiful 2013 yearbook created by yours truly!

I started this tradition last year and made a lovely little book from Shutterfly with the help of a Groupon. Although a Groupon was not to be found this year, I was determined to continue this tradition, discount or not, and began making it over Thanksgiving whilst sick in bed. This is a great sick project - all you need is your computer and your photos - and maybe some hot tea :-/

I used to love scrap booking as a kid and I still have some supplies from that "retired" hobby tucked away in my craft room closet. Man, those were the olden days! Cutting your own paper and printing out pictures?! Get out! Why do that when you can go online and create something that looks WAY better with just a few clicks? I'm a lady of convenience, what can I say?
I like to keep my layout simple so I usually go with a black and white theme, light on the decals and stickers. I've found that it's good to go through your photos first and put all of the best of the best ones in a folder, which you can then download into Shutterfly. You don't want to be uploading 1,000+ pictures my friends. Trust me on that one.

I like to keep my pages in chronological order so I just begin arranging the photos in that manner. Once I'm digging the photo arrangements I then work on captions and finally the extras - borders, stickers and such. When I think I have it complete, I walk away from it for a few days, then come back with fresh eyes, then do that again. Luckily, the program gives you hints if something is off or won't print right. I have had issues with Instagram photos being too low res. When that happens, I just usually place them in a smaller photo frame. If anyone knows a fix around that, lemme know!

This year, I upgraded to a hard cover book, which is a bit more pricey but SO worth it! You can even customize the book spine - too cute! In the end, I think I paid about $45 for this project. Not bad for a 20-page, hard bound custom book if I do say so myself.

How do you share and showcase your photos? Are you an old fashioned, print 'em out sorta person or a new age, electronic only picture sharer?

A lil sneak peek of the inside!