Goodwill Glitter Sale 30th Anniversary!

We made our annual trek to the Goodwill Glitter Sale a few weeks back. Our gal pals Jenae and Caety killed it and got in line at 3am - yes, that's 3am in the freaking morning! - to get our awesome place. Megan and I rolled in around 6am to relieve them for a coffee and potty break. We cut our numbers in line by half this year; last year we were around 110th. Word on the street is that the people in the very front camped out starting at 8pm the night before - ummmm no thanks. IMO, as  long as you are in the first 250, you are good to go!
I was on a mission this year for fun wedding accessories, but came out empty handed. Since I don't have my dress yet, it was hard to know which direction to take the jewelry. Womp womp. BUT I did end up with a greyish white 70s long wool jacket with a fur color in mint condition for $50. You guys, it was like it had never been worn before! A quick trip to the dry cleaner and that bad boy will be ready to take on the town!
Next year, the sale will be right around the time of our wedding so sadly I'll have to miss it. This gal is going to need her beauty sleep not a 5am wake up call before her big day ;-) 

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