Venue & concepts - Round 1.

Ok, ok.....not trying to turn this into a full-on wedding blog, but I wanted to share with you some ideas that I've been kicking around lately for our nuptials next fall.

We booked our venue about a month ago. It's called WithinSodo and it's located, well, in Sodo, which is just south of the stadiums. My criteria for a venue were:

1) it had to allow outside catering - nothing I hate more than a lame exclusive caterer
2) it had to be in Seattle
3) it had to have enough space to have both the ceremony and reception

WithinSodo checks all of those things off the list PLUS it allows dogs. You don't understand how excited I am to have Stella in our wedding! She's gonna make the cutest flower girl :-) The venue is an old warehouse so it boasts cement floors, high beamed ceilings, exposed get the picture. It also has some cool art and a koi fish tank.

So keeping the venue in mind, here's what I'm thinking as possible themes for our wedding next November.

Green & Gold
My first color/theme inspiration came from my man - though it's got a more mature twist to it. He's a longtime Sonics fan, whose team colors were green and gold. I've been recently loving the color evergreen - such a rich, rich color - and gold, but not the yellow gold, the true metallic gold.

I would accent these colors with black and white stripes, just to give it a bit of interest. Def thinking a bit more outside the box on this, but it could be fun. Also, with the wedding being in November, I thought this could be a nod to the holidays without being "too holiday."

Color & Cranes
My second color/theme inspiration came from my dad's side of the family who hail from Japan. We'll be incorporating quite a few Jewish traditions in our ceremony, so I thought we could balance it out a bit and go Asian inspired with decor- paper cranes and all! I've read that if you make 1,000 cranes for your wedding, it will be good luck. Not sure if this is true or not, but whatever, I think it's a fun idea.

I'm envisioning lanterns, colorful paper cranes, orchids. Colors could range across the entire spectrum. I'd probably find some beautiful origami paper and work off of that though.

Uber Romantic
My final color/theme inspiration is just to go super romantic. Deep purples, reds, pinks. Lots of candle light, lace dresses, sparkles but keeping it all on the darker side. Sort of goth girlie if that makes sense. I think the venue would lend itself well to this sort of theme but I'm not sure how to put our personal stamp on this one as much.

Luckily, we've got plenty of time to figure this out! How did you come up with your wedding colors and theme? Did you have tons of ideas floating around or did you know exactly what you wanted?