Reading: Now that I'm not taking the bus to work, I've consumed far fewer books lately, which is kinda sad. AND, we don't even have cable so there's plenty of down time in the evenings....gotta get back on the book train! But I did recently read The Paris Wife, by Paula McLain (in hard copy no doubt!) It took me about two weeks to finish it, but man, it was good! It's about Ernest Hemingway and his first wife Hadley. Super well written, a bit romantic, a bit dramatic.....def a worth while read.

Eating: Well I'm trying to not eat a bunch of sugar these days. Sugar is a big one for me....cookies, doughnuts, anything frosted..... and my acupuncturist thought it would be a good idea to cut it out of my diet for 10 days to see how I felt. I had a very difficult time eliminating it completely, but did lower my intake by at least 85%, which I thought was pretty good. Gawd, sugar is in EVERYTHING. It was so annoying to think a product was free of sugar to turn it over and find 1g written on the nutritional information. Unfortunately, I really didn't notice much of a change after 10 days. Perhaps I need to go for a longer period of time? I dunno. Either way, I'm def keeping better track of my sugar consumption and keeping it on the lower end.

Thinking about: Our wedding, which is over a year away. The venue is lined up, the photographer is booked, our first catering meeting is next, it's never ending and far more annoying then I had imagined. I thought me being an event planner would make this a fun project, but it's far from that. I don't hate the planning aspect, but I'm def not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. Maybe because it feels more like work??? Either way, I'm ready to take some time off of planning to enjoy the holidays and will pick it back up in January.

Watching: Sons of Anarchy, Season 5. Oh man, when I found out that Netflix had Season 5 available, I cancelled all of my plans and spent most of Saturday glued to my ipad. I blew through the first four season in a matter of weeks and had been eagerly anticipating the next season. People, this show is SO FREAKING GOOD! Maj drama, crazy story lines and a lil eye candy (Hey Charlie Hunnam!)....I can't rave enough about this show. I seriously want to buy a motorcycle and join a bike club.

Loving: Like I've said before, I'm seriously loving our new home. We've had a few parties and smaller dinners here already and I must say, it's a pretty decent entertaining space (when the heating works). I can't wait to have summer parties in our backyard - I've already got a few ideas in mind :-) And let's not forget about our neighborhood....dropping into Georgetown for sushi at The Cutting Board or hittin' up Rainier BBQ for pho and deep fried's all good (and cheap!) eats around here!

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