Kubota Gardens

Luckily, there were many professional photographers around to take our picture!
We visited the Kubota Garden over the weekend to take in the fall foliage and have a lil date time with my #1 guy. I had read about this garden a little while back and figured that it would be pretty spectacular around this time of year and man, was I right! I also read that cars get broken into ALL OF THE TIME in the parking lot. For safety's sake, we took the truck. I'm happy to report it did not get burglarized :-)

The garden is actually a city park so there's no admission fee AND dogs are allowed, which is always a bonus. Although it might not be as well maintained as the Seattle Japanese Garden in the Arboretum, I thought this park was in good condition with lots of trails and walkways to explore. It also has tons of photo opps - I can't tell you how many people had those fancy cameras and tri-pods in hand! Be sure to check out Kubota the next time you want to get a urban fall fix!

Love the yellow contrasting with the black!

Stella taking in the sights.

Pretty bridge.

So many colors and textures!