As of this past Monday, I'm back to officially being a one home homeowner! Thank you Jesus (and Michael Lee, my realtor and Cobalt Mortgage)!!! It still really hasn't sunken in yet....the process had been such an emotional roller coaster that I tried to shove it deep into the back of my mind so I wouldn't lose my $hit on a daily basis. I've never experienced such intense stress around one single life event - like crippling, physical stress that really trumped everything for a good two months. That 'ish is not healthy, lemme tell yah.

After all of the madness and chaos around the first "almost" sale, I was pretty skeptical that we'd even be able to unload this thing. The condo itself is in great condition, but there were a myriad of building financial issues that didn't make loan officers too excited about financing. I gave it about a 5% chance of selling again if we re-listed, but re-list we did and somehow it all worked out. I'm still a bit shocked to say the least.

Within 10 days of re-listing, we got a full price offer with an extremely strong buyer and the closing actually went the way it should. Though I do want to point out that we did have one kind of big hiccup - the appraisal came back way below the sale price so we did have to contest it. In the end, I had to knock off $8k of the sale price, but it is what it is and I still came out ahead. As I was signing the final docs, I did have a little twinge of pissed off-ness for not getting that full amount. I mean, we do have a wedding coming up......that $8k would have been mighty nice. Sigh.

BUT the relief of not having to maintain two properties is pretty maj for this gal, especially with all of the excitement that is going to happen next year. Thinking about the upkeep of not only our fab new home but a condo way over on the Eastside was a total bummer. I'm beyond thrilled that we're a one house family again. A one house family livin' it up in Seattle! Who would have thought?!

Hello new house!
Goodbye old condo. It's be real.