A nod to Nespresso.

I wish I could say this was a sponsored link, like many of my blogger gals have....sigh. One of these days.....

Our most recent pod order - 1 of each!
So yes, this is NOT a sponsored link. I just freaking LOVE our Nespresso machine and wanted to tell you all about it! Technically, it's the fiance's, he got it for his 30th birthday, but Washington is a 50/50 state people, so next November it'll be half of it is mine - muah!

Peeps are all about the Keurig, but if you are a real coffee drinker, then this machine is it. We don't even have the fancy one either, though we were also gifted with the milk frother, which totally rules. It's great for cappuccinos on the weekends - you just push a button and 90 seconds later you've got foamy goodness. Coconut milk works best so far, I haven't gotten almond milk to froth very well.

The coffee machine is very easy to use. You just make sure it has enough water, turn it on and push a button - it's really a no-brainer. We've got our flavored syrups, chocolate sauce and special sugars to add a bit of excitement, but I've gotten to the point of just having a double short with a bit of coconut oil and a splash of cream. I think I'm officially addicted.

There's even an app to re-order the pods. A few clicks and the next day they're in the mailbox. I think they run about .60-.70 cents per pod, which beats the $3 Americanos I was paying for. Gawd, since when did Americanos get that expensive?!....I digress. I saw the basic machine, which is what we have, at Costco last weekend for $69 bucks - such a deal.

What is your coffee routine? Are you a make-it-at-home daily drinker or is there a fav barista you like to visit?