SEA Music.

Took one day out of my vacation week (aka house labor week) to straight up relax and catch up on the Seattle music scene. The BF and I had our eyes on Bumbershoot - Monday's line up was pretty killer and we had a free ticket coming our way. He got on good ole CL the morning of the festival to pick up another one for yours truly and ended up trading a Sonicsgate DVD and t-shirt for two additonal FREE tix (keep in mind, tickets at the door were $60!) Besides lunch and a few beers, this ended up being a cheap day for us :-) 

Rocked out to MGMT, swayed to Alt-J (the best performance of the day.), threw our hands up with Sol, crooned with Allen Stone, questioned what I was doing watching the darkness that is Deerhunter and ended the night with The Joy Formidable who somehow broke their drum set and took a 20 minute break right in the middle of their set - weird. Overall, a great day! So glad Bumbershoot is steppin' up their musical game again.....this girl can dig it.

And not to be overshadowed by the local music festival....SNOOP LION (aka Snoop Dogg) was in the hizzle a few days prior to that so we hit up Showbox SODO for his show. I think we were all hoping for more "Lion" and less "Dogg", but it was a fun show and he rapped plenty of hits. Westside!