As a self proclaimed TV junkie, getting rid of cable was a bit of a painful process for me. I liked nothing better after a long day at work than plopping down and watching my fav housewives or a home improvement show. When we purchased our new home, it was agreed upon that we would no longer be slaves to cable (and the $200+ a month bill!) and would become an internet-only household. Fine, fine.....but this gal needed something to watch every now and then so Netflix was quickly purchased! Although it doesn't have fully updated episodes of most of my fav shows, I've enjoyed exploring other new shows that I normally wouldn't have watched.

Top of my list is Sons of Anarchy. OMGeeee....I can't get over this show! It is SO FREAKIN GOOD. I was originally drawn to it when I found out that the lead charater, played by Charlie Hunnam, in SoA was also cast as the lead in the 50 Shades of Grey movie. I know, I know...what a lame arse reason to watch a show. But damn, I'm glad I discovered it (and him for that matter. Hot stuff.) Hands down, one of my top shows of all times. Other shows I've been enjoying:

Land Girls
Call the Midwife
House of Cards
Orange is the New Black
Documentaries - especially ones about hunger and food insecurities - depressing right?

Problem is, our neighborhood is notorious for S-L-O-W internet. I'm talking the slowest internet possible ie. light surfing is just about as much as it can handle. Trying to stream a show takes mucho patience and even when you get it going, it'll still stop and buffered 2 or 3 times. First world problems, right???

What are your fav show on Netflix? Do you like to skip around and watch a few of everything or are you a marathon series watcher like the BF (whoops, I mean fiance!) is?

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