Egg 'n Avocado Sammie

The Mean Green Smoothie

Vanilla Bean Doughnuts

Healthy Grains Porridge
There seems to be so many options for breakfast these days, but so little time in the AM to make them happen - especially when one likes to get as much sleep as possible - you're talking to the Queen of Sleep right here......Most days, just getting out the door with coffee and a banana and hittin' the instant oatmeal at work is about as good as it gets for this gal. But recently, I've been trying to step up my b-fast game and have been testing out some different things to liven up this early morning meal.
Eggs are usually a go to and can be made and eaten in minutes. Throw some mashed avocado on  toast or a bagel and you are good to go! I'm also a fan of cutting up the previous night's dinner (taco items especially) and making a quick scramble. Easy peasy.
Smoothies are also a staple in our house. I've come to love adding extra spinach, chia seeds, plain non fat greek yogurt and spirulina to beef  up the frozen fruit. If you want to keep yours less on the fruity side, I've found that adding 1/4 cup of frozen pineapple will still give it a bit of sweetness without breaking the sugar bank.
And for the occasional treat, nothing beats a doughnut with some extra hot coffee (I picked up that bad habit courtesy of my Grandma. Love that lady.) I recently found a doughnut pan while thriftin' at the local Goodwill and have been recipe testing ever since. Nothing fabulous to report back on yet, but know that I am working on it :-) I take this sort of research very seriously.
BUT my new fav game in breakfast town is this sort of hot porridge using ancient grains and seeds. We all know that quiona is the bomb and polenta just tastes darn good. Add to that some amaranth seeds which are gluten-free, a source of complete protein, high in fiber and a good source of magnesium and iron and BAM you've got yourself a hot bowl of health goodness. Cook it up on the stove top, kind of like how you do oatmeal, top with walnuts, berries and a splash of coconut milk and you are good to go. This makes enough for a few meals too! Check out the recipe I used HERE.
What are your favorite go to breakfast meals?