Entry action.

One of the many projects I finished during my week off of work - our front door was begging for a vibrant, fresh color. Since our hizzle is south facing, Feng Shui suggested that it be painted a fire color ie. red, orange or yellow so that the good energy would know where to enter :-) Orange was automatically out (sorry orange lovers, it's just not my thang) so we were left with red and yellow, both of which would have worked fine with the grey exterior and white trim colors. I took a quick friends and family survey and ended up with yellow - Summer Squash to be exact. As you all know, we are a Sonics lovin' household so anything close to green and/or gold works for us!
I followed in the footsteps of one of my fav DYI blogs, Young House Love, and deglossed, TPCed and sanded it before painting 4 thin, even coats of paint. It was really a day long process so be sure to keep that in mind if you ever decide to paint yours because the door has to be open ALL DAY LONG. I started this project at 3pm and didn't finish until after 10pm. Luckily, our storm door locks so I didn't feel too freaked out leaving it open into the evening hours. Speaking of the storm door, I was going to remove it, but as ugly as it is, it's growing on me. Being able to have screened front and back doors open makes things a bit more bearable when it's hot outside.
With this paint lookin' all fresh like, it's time to jazz up the rest of the front entrance. I've got some plans in mind:
Stay tuned....pics of the entire update to come!