To do.

Just thought I would fill you guys in with Phase One of the house re-doing/modeling/creating plan. This phase is the easier and 'cheaper' of the two and mostly requires paint and sweat labor (thanks family!) After the excitement of purchasing a new home wears off and you begin to feel like you are freakin' hemorrhaging money, I do find that there are small projects you can complete that make your house start to feel like a home. Refinishing the hardwood floors also came under this phase since it just made sense to complete before moving in (and it was a lovely gift from the 'rents.)

LABS (Leslie/Adam/Brown/Sugiura) South Beacon Hizzle
Phase One:
Phase Two:
Obviously, Phase Two will include so more in-depth/hardcore/$$$/work that will have to be tackled down the road in 2-3 years, though only weeks into living here I'm already ready to run out and buy a dishwasher :-) Washing by hand SUCKS. I suspect Phase One will be completed by this coming fall no doubt. Then we can take the winter to hunker down before deciding which project needs to be top of the list for Phase Two.

How do you handle home improvement? Do you just rip off the band aid and do it all at once or spread it out over a few years?