This is Stella's new favorite spot in the house - squirrel patrolin' in the backyard. We've had her here for about a week now and I think she's finally starting to settle in. I was worried that she wasn't going to adjust and get comfortable - we've been in boxes for the past month - in the condo one my mom's the next....and now here. I could tell she was getting worried and nervous - she even stopped eating for a few days. I even started to wonder if she was going to get sick again.
The planes scared her (I think they sound like thunder) and there wasn't ample rug space to itch her face but she's found plenty of squirrels in the yard and she's enjoyed our evening walks around the neighborhood. Last night, she finally ate her dinner and surprised me this morning when she scarfed down her breakfast. She's also made herself comfortable in our bed again, which she hasn't done in AGES. I'm glad to know she's feeling better but would appreciate some additional leg space at night :-)
My plan for the next few weeks is to keep her at home (sorry Mom & Dad) so that she knows this is her forever home and that we aren't leaving anytime soon. Lots of love and attention will be on the agenda along with plenty of walks! Man, it's tough being her.

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