Pillow 1 Pillow 2 Pillow 3 
Rug Curtains Vase
Plant hanger Antler Map

Some inspiration for our living room once the painting is wrapped up and I can switch focus to the truly fun, yet stressful, part - decorating! And I thought picking out paint colors was hard.....I've been pinning away these past few months and I've noticed that I've been gravitating towards 1) black and white, 2) funky pillows and 3) graphic posters. I actually already own the Seattle Neighborhoods poster (how much fun is that!?) and I suspect it'll become the main inspiration for our new living space.  

Our previous living room was mostly blues and greens so this is going to be a big step in the other direction. Definitely more urban and hip and less matchy matchy. I do worry that this 'style' doesn't fully match up with the color scheme going on in the office and craft rooms, which are blue and I being redonk? Maybe I'll just have to funk up the accessories in those rooms OR subtly bring a few of those colors into the living room. Oh the decisions!!!

How do you decorate? Room by room or try and envision the entire house all at once?