A lil progress.

Finally. Progress. It seems like it takes 10 times longer than I plan out to finish a freakin' project around here....sheesh. Tackled both the BF's office (in blue) and my future craft room (in purple). Old wallpaper had to be removed (thanks sis!), walls had to be washed (thanks me!) and paint had to be applied (thanks BF!). It was a long process and I considered cutting corners many times, but in the end, it was worth it. Here are some tips that I took away from this project.

Wallpaper removal: I tried the steamer at first and it worked, but took WAY too long for each section and seemed to only take off the top layer. Perhaps using my clothes steamer wasn't the best idea....bit the bullet and eventually bought the gel and the scoring tool.

Wall prep: As annoying as washing is, it's a must in my book. TSP is my go to (I know, I know...chemicals...ew.) but it does the J-O-B. These walls were funky and I knew that washing would be the only way to get that residual glue off.

Buy the oversized sponge (and a back up!) near the rest of the wallpaper supplies at your local home improvement store and use a plastic scraper in the places where the glue is really caked on - it'll save your shoulder from all of that scrubbing! I also took the time to carefully spackle and sand, which I must admit, I really enjoy! I like the DAP Dry Spackle that looks like yummy pink frosting and dries white so you know when you can sand away.

Painting: Both of these rooms are 8x10 feet so didn't feel too bad splurging on some Ben Moore paint. One coat was ALMOST enough, but I had plenty leftover for touch ups. The colors really feel deep and vibrant and not washed out. I think I'm becoming a paint snob.

This weekend, the entry, living room and hallway will be painted some sort of grey color and I hope to get around to emptying out the rest of the boxes in the kitchen. Oh and hanging blinds in the guest bedroom and hanging drapes in the living room and prepping the garden.....the list goes on and on......