What should be happening...

I should be living at my parent's house, happily counting down the days until we move into our new home. Instead, we're still living at our condo that has been in contract since early June and our dreams of a new home might be taken away from us.

I should be saving money and living gloriously rent free for a few weeks. Instead, we've had to pay another month's worth of mortgage and bills which were not budgeted for.

I should be all packed up and in storage. Instead, we are half packed/half unpacked and living in total chaos.

I should be relaxing and saving up my energy for the "big move." Instead, I'm having a panic attack and/or nervous break down every time the phone rings with more bad news and more missed deadlines.

I should be excited to decorate and organize our new home. Instead, I'm wondering if we'll even get to set foot in it with all of this financial mess around the condo.

I should be getting the final documents from escrow for the condo closing on Friday. Instead, I'm left in the dark not knowing what is happening (and having more nervous break downs)

I should be experiencing all sorts of wonderful emotions and excitement from purchasing a new home in a new city. Instead, I'm left feeling depressed, stressed and anxious with all of these things up in the air and no resolution in sight.

Obviously, what should be happening, isn't. I'm going to go cry in a corner now....

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