I think the end is in sight.....

With all of the horrible luck we've been having, I've been super cautious about sharing too much about our new home. Even with less than a week to close, I'm still pretty wary about discussing this....you see, we almost lost this home about 5 different times. It's been a month long roller coaster - do we keep it? do we not? do we stay put? do we push on and move to the city? All of this back and forth has made me 10 lbs heavier and 2 times more grey with eye bags to match. UGH. Not a good look for anyone I tell yah.

My usual organized, planner self has put the breaks on these past few weeks. I've hardly picked a paint color or listed out the projects that need to be completed. Budgets haven't been made, packing has stood at a stand still....I'm just so freaking nervous that some wack-a-doo thing is going to go wrong and we'll be royally screwed AGAIN.

I will be a big old hot 'n stressful mess until that dotted line is signed and those keys are in my hands.