Sew awesome!

After a long and tiresome event season, I decided it was time to treat myself! I'd taken a beginner sewing series (see previous posts) and was hooked. I wanted nothing more to come home and create something. SOOOO....I did some quick internet research and found a good, entry level machine and a few days later it was mine. To have unlimited sewing at my finger tips...oh man. This was exciting stuff.

I also horded some craft store coupons and picked up the more expensive items for 40-50% off. OK, so maybe I had to go back to the store every day for 3 days, but I got them at a good price darn it! I was determined not to break the bank with this new hobby. Update***Who knew how addicting fabric shopping could be? I need to find a discount fabric source STAT before I spend an entire paycheck on fun fabrics. Ugh.***

So far, I've made a second placemat to match the first one as well as a special blanket for Miss Stella. I think pillow cases and some cute fabric casserole holders will be next on my list.

Have you picked up a new hobby lately without breaking the bank like hobbies seem to do??

Supplies in hand.

Cutting mat & cutter - so necessary!

The final product!

The happy customer :-)