Can do!

I made my first batch of pickled asparagus over Mom's Day weekend. It was actually pretty easy; I think the hardest part was cutting them the proper length to fit in the jars :-) I picked up about 4 lbs. at the farmer's market, which made 3 cans of tips and 2 cans of ends. I probably could have made one more can of ends, but let's be honest, whose going to eat all those ends?! This was my first time with water bath canning - hot jars and steaming water got me a bit nervous - but the jars came out unharmed and they had no problems poppin' their tops on the counter (I love that part!)

Now that I've had time to re-think the recipe and the process, I think I may have gone a tad bit crazy with the jalepeno I vaguely recall it called for a tiny slice and I'm pretty sure I put in AT LEAST 3-4 slices. These might be a bit on the hot side.....perfect for bloodly mary's.

Canning pickled asparagus