It's Party Time!

As in Valentine's Day Blogging Party Time! I had a great time getting to know my secret Valentine gal pal, Megan, via the internetz. Her blog is full of lovely photographs, her amazing crochet work and most importantly, her family (including the furry ones!) I thought it was sorta fun to be paired with someone who is literally on the opposite corner of the country. Hello Florida!

Now, onto the good stuff! Megan must have sensed my crafty side and endulged me in a ton-o-supplies including paper, tags and stickers all put into a fun re-usable tote. You can never have too many totes! And come on, those tags are right down my aisle (especially the 'I Need' one...hehehe).

Thank you Megan for the thoughtful gifts and thank you to these lovely ladies below for setting this up! It was a great way to virtually meet someone whose blog I might never come across. I can't wait to participate in another one of these blogger exchanges!

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