Haven't really had much to blog about lately. Just trying to get back into the day to day stuff after the holiday season. Work has really picked up so I've had less brain cells to devote to creativity. Seems like all I really do is commute, cook, clean then repeat. Not terribly exciting. Hoping to get a Valentine's Day craft project in this weekend to liven things us. Here's to the upcoming three day weekend!

Clean, clean, clean. That's all we seem to be doing these days. 

Cold. It's been maj cold here in Seattle lately. Sometimes even a double ice scrape day. I hate those. 

 Sick. Back to the vet for a check up. Poor puppy hates me :-(

Meat. First, and might I say, successful attempt at a pot roast. 

Treat. Seahawk doughnuts for the big playoff game. They lost, but I won with these babies. 

Commute. My view every morning and afternoon. Ugh. 

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