It's a box.

Got our holiday party on over the weekend and thought I would share my work of art with ya'll. I was a bit burnt out on the ugly sweater so I decided to "think outside the box" and create something ugly AND homemade. My sis with a life size Sponge Bob a few years back for Halloween so I took inspiration from her and made myself into a big ole present.

A few boxes, lots of duct tape and a roll of ugly wrapping paper did just the trick and I was soon "boxed up" and ready to go! Of course the gold leggings had to make an appearance so those were dug out of the back of the closet for their yearly outing. Other than my lack of range of motion in my arms (thank god for cups with straws!), the present was actually quite comfortable to wear. A highly recommend idea for any holiday party!
A little before action.
And a little after action!
And a couples shot.

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