My weekend in review.

Once again, our weekend came and went - though the extra hour on Sunday was a nice little bonus! I'm on this new breakfast smoothie kick with my fav one being frozen mango, banana, pear, spinach, orange juice, chia seeds and spirulina. For those of you not in the know, spriulina is microscopic coiled blue-green algae that is suppose to be way good for you. I'm giving it a shot for a few weeks, we'll see if it makes a difference.....regardless, I really dig the color - anything that green can't be bad for you! Spinach is also a new add and I tell ya, I was a bit wary at first. But once it's all blended up, you don't even know it's there.  

My sis and I also made a trek down to Olympia to see my Grandma who is going in for knee surgery this week. We brought her lunch and began work on this 2,000 piece monster of a puzzle. Man, I can get down on a puzzle - it makes my brain feel real nice like. We even did a little puzzle exchange and I've got a lovely 1,000 piece one ready to go at home. It's a bit of an addiction, but a good one.

 And I had to throw in a pic of Miss Stella, whose doing WAY WAY better. She's energized, she's eating well, she's annoying....she's back to normal! I can't believe I've got my puppy back :-) She's also got her holiday photo shoot coming up with my fav pet photographer Jen Hutter. Can't wait to get her all dolled up!

I hope you had a relaxing/fun/lazy/exciting/productive weekend!