Her majesty, Madonna

Photo courtesy of Danielle Plant, photographer extraordinaire!
The gal pals and I recently hit up the Madonna concert at Key Arena. We had bought tickets back in the spring and decided that it was time for us to "big girl splurge" on seats ie. not be up in the rafters for once. Thankfully, buying tickets 6 months ago slowly took away the pain of the ticket price - sheesh! I had to keep telling myself, "It's Madonna Leslie, this is a once in a lifetime thing. You can do it - no big deal."

Although her vocals aren't anything to write home about, her stage presence and dance moves were totally amazing and made up for it. Seeing her move like that was honestly quite inspiring. If I could only move like that when I'm her age, I'd be set. Man.

She played for about two hours - the notorious cone bra was rocked, pants were dropped, political statements were made and priests were in abundance. At one point during 'Like a Prayer' I felt like we were in church, but not in one of those stifling, boring ones but like a totally kick ass, rock out with your 'ish out type. I seriously considered taking Madonna as my religious at one point during the night. That's normal, right? :-)

This show kicks off our week long music venture as we take off to Austin for Austin City Limits early next week. Yee-haw!!!

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