Loving: The changing of the seasons. Seattle, you might be trying to fool us with 80 degree temps this past week, but I know you all too well. I see those leaves starting to fall. I feel that undeniable coolness in the mornings when I walk to the bus. I see that squash coming into the market. Fall is licking at our heels and I can’t wait! I always get this surge of inspiration around this time of year. All I want to do is cook, organize and create which I suspect is due to some sort of internal clock saying “Hey! Winter is coming. Batten down those hatches!” Whatever it is, I love this time of year. Bring on those scarves, rain boots and flannel shirts!
Reading: I had to check my Kindle for the exact title because I wanted to be sure I got it right :-) The Tattooed Duke - a delicious, page turning smut novel leftover from a recent camping trip to Eastern WA. Nothing is better than reading trashy books whilst camping or vacationing on a tropical beach somewhere. So I might feel a little weird reading it on the bus sometimes, but I’m learning to embrace it. I’m just a woman reading a womanly novel people! I also have Coco Chanel’s biography on cue as well as All Things Bright and Beautiful by James Herriot.
*Reading side note: word on the street is that my dear Grandma is readying 50 Shades of Grey. I can’t wait to hear what she thought of it. Hilarious!
Watching: Breaking Bad. We only got through the first episode, but I’m intrigued. With all of the buzz around this show, I’ve realized I need to get past the old dude in white briefs scenes. Seems like that will be a trend? Either way, we’ve got plenty of episodes to catch up on, which will keep us busy. Nothing is better than spending a rainy Sunday inside plowing through seasons of shows!
Thinking about: Our upcoming trip to Austin. We’d originally planned this trip to experience Austin City Limits and visit our dear friends but I’m not gonna lie, I’m almost more excited to explore the culinary adventures from the Lone Star State. This will be my first trip to Texas, and I can’t wait to get my BBQ on. My goal is to hit up AT LEAST 3 of the top ‘cue places while we are there (recommendations anyone?). I might need to go veg for a week so I can be really ready to consume endless amounts of mouthwatering meat. I also heard that food trucks are a big deal down there so I’ve been doing some extensive research online. OK, and maybe I’m already following some of the top food trucks on Twitter. Sheesh, no big deal J
Surprised by: How little emotion I have over the Seattle City Council approving Chris Hansen's areana deal, which will bring the NBA back to this fair city. In fact, I was fast asleep when they announced it on Monday night. I've spent the past four years dating a guy who has lived and breathed this stuff - I'm talking ENDLESS, UNPAID hours of stressful work all to keep the movement alive through the documentary Sonicsgate. And now we're on our way to getting what we want and I'm totally over it. Maybe I'll be a bit more excited when we've got tickets to the first home game!

Making me sad: Nothing is making me very sad these days, but on the minor sadness scale: my neglected garden? My hummingbirds not liking the new feeder my dad bought for them? The end of the blackberry season? Meh, it's making me more sad that I can't think of anything really sad so I'm going to stop now.
Making me happy: Planning a dear friend’s sprinkle shower this past weekend. They’ve waiting more than 6 years to adopt a little girl from China and they are finally going to get her in October. I’m beyond happy for them and this has been a long, long time coming. Shoot, they should have had this little one 4 years ago in my humble opinion. She would have been WAY better off living in a loving, doting home vs. being in an orphanage. I know if anyone can give this child a warm and wonderful life, this couple can!

**this blog post was inspired by - check her out!