Keeth/Cannon Wedding

The barn.

Classy umbrellas that became deadly once the wind picked up.

Jam time!
Aisle runner.


The handsome couple!


Reception time.

Pie - 'nuff said.

Pie table AKA bee attractor.
I managed my first, and hopefully only, wedding of the year over in Leavenworth, WA the other weekend for a friend's younger sister. I do these from time to time - managing the 'day of' logistics (my favorite part). I save the real planning for the brides, since most like to do that stuff anyways!

After 12 years in the event planning biz, I like to think of myself as a pretty solid planner, but for some reason this one really kicked my arse. I could blame it on a multitude of things: me being older, the 100 degree heat, the ceremony and reception sites being super far apart, the dust/wind/bees etc. whatever it was burned me out. For those of you out there who do this for a living, my hat is off to you. Weddings just seem ten times harder than any of the events I plan....or maybe it's just the pressure of making this extra special day absolutely perfect.

Complaining aside, everything went remarkably smooth and I was thrilled that it all came together in the end. The bride went for a country chic theme and it was truly lovely. They had a close family friend make the swag and burlap accessories, which lent a personal and rustic touch - that gal needs to be on Etsy! Other highlights included local pies for dessert instead of cake and strawberry jam as both the takeaway and the seating assignment. Overall, a wonderful wedding day for a handsome couple!

Congratulations Mac and Johnny!