If you really knew me…..

You’d know that my first grade teacher thought I had a reading problem in elementary school. After being put in a “special reading” class, they soon found out I was just a super shy kid who actually was an excellent reader. To this day, I can finish a book in warp speed!

You’d know that I have a large cover up tattoo on my rear end to mask the “I’m a college freshman and can do what I want” tattoo which happen to be 3 Japanese symbols. What was I thinking?!
Hidden Hand Tattoo artist Ash Wednesday hooks you up!
You’d know that I am 30 years old and I still sleep with my blanket. After all of these years, I still can’t part with my blanket I’ve had since I was a baby. It doesn’t go on vacation with me anymore, but if I’m at home, it’s by my side. Oh, and my dad offered me $200 as a kid to get rid of it and I said no. I wonder if the offer still stands…….

You’d know that I’m an outdoors woman. I love to clam dig, crab, fish, hunt – you name it! – but I always eat what I catch. I’m not a trophy hunter.

Clamming on the WA coast.
You’d know that I’ve always had a red headed friend in my life. Cameron, my next door neighbor growing up; Dustin, in high school and now my BFF from college, Katy. There’s always a fiery haired friend around!

You’d know that my grandfather (on my Dad’s side) was put in the local Japanese internment camps during WW2. Luckily, he was never transported out of state because he was put to work in the shipyards. I love digging up family history and have begun to keep records and photos.

My grandpa is the third child from the right hand side - the smirking one.
You’d know that I religiously file and turn in my taxes on Feb. 3 of every year. I’m horrible with math and numbers but my love for getting money back trumps all!

You’d know that I consider myself to be a pretty neat person EXCEPT when it comes to my bedroom. It regularly looks like a Category 4 tornado hit. I think I secretly like seeing all of my worldly possessions scattered all over the floor.
One mess coming right up!
Speaking of tornadoes, you’d know that I regularly have a dream where I see them (yes, there are always multiples) in the distance or that they are coming for me. Dream interpret as you deem fit.

You’d know that I love all things medieval. Movies, books (espec. romance novels), TV shows……everything! I think I was a lady-in-waiting in a former life and a European castle tour ranks high on my bucket list.