Dried out.

Busy weekend filled with brunch with a good friend, two stops at the farmer's market and the first test run of my food dehydrator. I still can't bring myself to put in that luschious, fresh fruit in there quite yet so I thought I would start with cuttings from my herb garden. Rosemary and oregano dried out in no time - maybe 2 hours max? Our food bank recieved a huge garbage bag full of bay leaves so I took some home and dried those out too - approximately a 4 hour dry time. Now I need to find a cute jar and labeling process and I'll be good to go. No more paying $6 bucks for a jar of spices this winter when I can make them at home for virutally nothing!

A few things I've learned so far: 1) my dehydrator is NOISY so if you want to watch some TV or take a nap you're SOL 2) my dehydrator is HOT, like maybe I shouldn't put it on the counter hot - I need to come up with a solution for that so I don't burn down the condo and 3) whatever you put in there will make my entire condo smell so choose your food wisely.

I did promise the BF some jerky at some point and I will get around to blueberries and cherries. I just need to get my fill of them first! I also need to order the special mats so I can make fruit leathers - yum, now we're talking!