Hein Baby Shower

I admit, I'm not fond of baby showers. I love me a good party, but showers just don't do it for me. I don't like pastels (they don't suit my complexion), I despise those games (c'mon ladies, that candy bar/diaper game - ick.) and there never seems to be enough booze flowing (I know she's pregnant, but I'm not!). I wouldn't consider myself anti-baby, I'm just anti-showery stuff. (Friends, take note - no storks at my shower!)

One of two 'games' we played - something fun for Mom for those middle of the night changings.
So when I decided to co-host my best friend's baby shower with Megan and Danielle, I knew this was my chance to create a 'non baby' baby shower. We went with a mod, colorful feel with turquoise, royal blue and lime greens.  I guess if you had to nail me down with a theme, it'd be 'baby clothes line'? I know, I know...that doesn't sound right....

I'm so sick of Evites - I never seem to get them and I, for one, enjoy getting fun things in the mail so we went with these paper invites via www.paperstyle.com and snail mailed them to our fab guests.

A new venue, besides all our our houses and parent's houses, was desperately needed so I kindly asked my sister's boyfriend's parents, who own a lovely cabin on Lake Sammamish. Thankfully, they said yes and we had a perfect, waterfront location!

Gift time!
Decor is always high on my list, so we took inspiration (aka pin-spiration) from the invite and created all sorts of lovely things to spruce up the place.

Hello diaper wreath!
Hello cute baby clothes line courtesy of Danielle!
Hello baby cupcakes - Megan did a bang up job on these!

We also picked up a bunch of bouquets from the Redmond Farmer's Market and used canning jars to make these loose n' lovely arrangements, which brought more color 'cause you always need more color!!

We didn't go too crazy with the food since the party started at 2pm and stuck with easy and tasty apps. We also included some fav treats of the mom-to-be. Although it did end up raining, I'd say the party was a huge success! Way to go gals!

Cheese, veggies and ham 'n cheese sammies!
Cupcake and candy bar
Some of my pin-spiraton :-)

Ham & Swiss Sammies

Anti-pasta Skewers

Dessert Skewers

Cupcake Babies

Clothes Line Decor