Bueno eats no.1

Dinner time at El Carboncito!
Tulum town - a nice view of the highway.
Tacos al Pastor meat!
Salsas for days.
The final product. Pineapple on a taco? The best idea ever.
We ate well (and cheap!) in Mexico, which seems like a 'no duh' statement but I really do feel as if my hours of internet research really paid off. Many meals we paid only $10-15 for the two of us allowing for a splurge here and there.

The first night in Tulum, we ate at POLLO BRONCO. In our efforts to keep our budget low, we skipped lunch and by 4:30pm we were regretting it. Cranky and starving, we headed into town to find EL CARBONCITO, a hole in the wall with rave reviews and personal recommendations. Unfortunately, Mexico's meal schedules are a bit later than us Americans and very few places were open at 5pm including the restaurant mentioned above. Crap.

With my patience wearing thin and my stomach growling, we combed the streets to find something, anything that was open. Then along came POLLO BRONCO, another hole in the wall restaurant, also with good reviews. It might have been sketchy looking and it might have been right on the highway but once I saw locals flocking to this place, I knew we'd found a good spot!

We ordered  marinated chicken grilled over charcoal (pretty much the only thing on the menu) that was pulled out of a warm ice chest - don't even get me started......BUT a whole cut up chicken served with rice, shredded cabbage, salsa and a stack of warm tortillas to make tacos for 90 pesos? Hello deal! We were so excited and hungry that I failed to snap any photos. Whomp, whomp. Just picture the best grilled chicken you've ever had and times that by 10!

The next night, we did make it to EL CARBONCITO. This is another one of those sidewalk/hole in the wall type place with stupendous tacos al pastor. These consist of pork marinated in chiles, salt and garlic which is grilled on a spit gyros-style (see photo above!).  It is then sliced off in thin strips onto tortillas to make tacos. They give you all sorts of fixings, including my new favorite taco topping, pineapple. WOW. Like WOW. Tacos topped with pineapple...where have you been all of my life?!

Another taco joint in Tulum - Urge Taquito. Adam thought their menu cover was very entertaining.....
The most amazing salsa bar - Urge Taquito.

The last highlight of our Tulum Food Tour included URGE TACOS (pronounced UR-hay)  This shaded open air restaurant was a welcome relief after spending the morning discovering the Coba ruins and the afternoon diving in the centoes - no big deal, just gettin' our explore on :-) They specialized in fish tacos, which is what I got of course, but the kicker was their amazing salsa bar. I wish I could remember every salsa and sauce they had, but alas, I cannot, but it was all good. All of it.

Playa del Carmen Food Tour is next.....so stay tuned!

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