Bueno eats no. 2

Now this is a meal! All for about $20!
Yes, I'd like my bacon with a side of burrito - triple meat burrito at El Fogon.
Playa del Carmen didn't seem to have as many cheap eats as Tulum and, I must admit, we did get suckered into eating on 5th Ave - the pedestrian friendly hot spot in town once or twice. After paying way too much for lunch one day, it was time to get back into thrifty eating. In came EL FOGON, which I had been eyeballing online for a few days. I did notice that many restaurants weren't open on Mondays and Tuesdays so I was concerned that our trek across town would be for nothing (later did I learn that there are 3 locations, one of which was right by our hotel - my bad.) But luckily it was gloriously open and we feasted on carne asada and burritos that evening. Highlights of the meal included: pickled cactus - yum - and a triple meat burrito topped with a huge piece of bacon - yuck.

Plantain sandwich, popular in Venezuela I'm told.
Fresh made juices to sample at Kaxapa Factory!
Another culinary delight included KAXAPA FACTORY, a Venezuelan cafe that was both vegan, organic and did I mention cheap? Yup, very cheap but more importantly delicious! So cheap and delicious in fact that we had lunch here twice. The gentleman that runs the place is extremely friendly and although service was a bit slow, it was definitely worth the wait. I was stuck on these plantain sandwiches full of beans, meat, sauces and other goodness. They also had juices made from scratch that were super yummy. This place is rated #1 on Trip Advisor and it's easy to see why!

I couldn't help it. You can't walk past a DQ without getting an extra Oreo Oreo cookie blizzard. Duh.

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