Tulum or bust.

It's going to take me quite a few blog posted to get all of these pictures up so please be patient :-) Just got back from 8 lovely days in Mexico - 4 in Tulum and 4 in Playa del Carmen. We are definitely laid back 'Tulum' peeps, Playa was a bit too city for me. Above, are photos of the resort we stayed in during our visit to Tulum - Playa Azul - highly recommended!

Tulum is divided into two locations, the town, which is right off the highway and the beach, where most of these resorts are located. They've got about 40-50 of these tiny resorts dotting the beach, all with their own unique flare. I must say ours was the best though! Beautiful rooms, perfect beach location and great access to everything.

We chose to rent a car for the first part of our trip, and that worked out well (besides me getting taken advantage of at the rental place....that's another story....) We had dinner in town most nights, which was far cheaper - can you say $10 total for 2 people?! - than the beach. We were also able to jet around to the 2 ruin sites without having to worry about the bus schedule. Very key. More to come!