Project Pinterest

As a self described Pinterest Junkie, I try and be sure to not only view all of the lovely/cool/weird/tasty/inspiring things that I come across but also to create/bake/buy/wear/style/eat them too. What's the good in having all of those neat things pinned if you aren't going to do anything with them?

My latest pin projects (above) included creating wall art using ticket stubs that the BF and I had seen together; it was like a walk down memory lane! I probably could have made 3 or 4 of these with the amount of shows we've seen! I handpicked the 'best of the best' including the Sonics ticket the night he told me he loved me. Yes, a true romantic at heart - nothing says I love you more than the NBA :-) If you know our household, you know just how true this is.

I also tried out a new recipe and was glad to come across this festive one a few weeks back. I can't help but get into that holiday spirit - I don't care what holiday it is! It's an almond/pistachio bunt cake with a bit of extra green food coloring to make it extra festive. And let me tell you, it was extra good! Moist and sugary, my favorite! Not trusting myself to have it at home (it was a post workout treat last night - whoops), I brought it to work today to let my work peeps enjoy! Here's the recipe:

Now that I think about it, I also used Pinterest to figure out my latest haircut, which led me to chopping off 6 inches. Gawd, I love this site. Officially obsessed.